2019 Cohort

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Jonathan Betteridge

Jesus College

Jonny is an inorganic chemist from Reading who has previously worked on known and novel inorganic amides as ammonia decomposition catalysts in the David group. His research interests revolve around renewable energy systems, particularly the use of ammonia as a green fuel, and batteries. This is an area he hopes to make a real difference to during his DPhil. Jonny is also a keen sportsman, playing football regularly among other sports.

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Rachel Conway

University College

Rachel is the recipient of an Oxford-Radcliffe OxICFM CDT Scholarship. She completed her Master’s degree at the University of Edinburgh where her final project involved investigating the synthesis of high symmetry single-molecule magnets. She spent her fourth year at the University of Chicago studying novel metal-organic frameworks with interesting magnetic and electronic properties and it was during her year abroad that her interest in solid state chemistry was first piqued. Outside of the lab, Rachel enjoys finding the best places to eat breakfast and curating incredible Spotify playlists.

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Aggy Crumpton

The Queen's College

Aggy has just finished his Mchem at the University at Oxford. In his final year research project entitled 'The Synthesis and Characterisation of Novel Group 14 Metallylenes featuring a Hemilabile N-Donor Ligand' he received the inorganic thesis prize. His research interests are in the reactivity of novel main group systems. Aggy's other interests include kitesurfing, climbing and rowing with the Oxford Lightweights.

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Cameron Gray

Trinity College

Cameron did his integrated master’s degree at Cardiff University, working with Dr Timothy Easun for a summer research placement (focused on MOFs) and Professor Simon Pope for his final year project, focused on fluorescent vanadyl complexes. His research interests focus on luminescence and electronic excited states. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar and collecting records.

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Jack Howley

The Queen's College

Jack joins the cohort from Scotland, where he completed his MChem at The University of Edinburgh. Under the supervision of Dr Michael Cowley, Jack’s final year’s work investigated aluminium catalysed dehydroborylation reactions. Jack also spent a year in the United States, where he undertook an industrial placement with Solvay in Stamford Connecticut, working within Mining Solutions. Jack's research interests lie in main-group chemistry. Outside of chemistry Jack is a keen walker and enjoys travelling.

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Sebastian Kopp

St John's College

Sebastian is the recipient of a St. John’s College Scholarship. Originally from Germany, Sebastian graduated from the Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg with a B.Sc. Chemistry with distinction in March 2019. His bachelor thesis project, which he carried out during a seven-month research placement with Prof. Rik Tykwinski at the University of Alberta, Canada, focused on the synthesis and investigation of functionalized pentacene derivatives for the study of intramolecular singlet fission processes. Before starting on the OxICFM programme, Sebastian spent the summer in Prof. Harry Anderson's group working on the synthesis of novel porphyrin nanorings. His research interests focus on organometallic synthesis and the investigation of structure-property relationships. Outside of the lab, Sebastian enjoys exercising, reading, and meeting friends.

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Gabija Navickaite

University College

Gabija Navickaite completed her MChem at the University of Edinburgh. During her Master’s research project in Dr Jenni Garden's group, she investigated into aluminium-based salen complexes as catalysts for the ring-opening copolymerisation of various monomers with carbon dioxide. She also completed an industrial placement year with Cytec Solvay in Connecticut, CT, where she worked as a R&D chemist with hydroxamated polyacrylamide flocculants for the Bayer process.

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Aisling Roper

Christ Church

Aisling is from Swansea and obtained an MSci in Chemistry with Study Abroad from University of Bristol in July 2018. During her year abroad, Aisling studied at McMaster University in Canada where she worked on a project developing potential precursor complexes for Atomic Layer Deposition. Her final year project involved the synthesis and crystallographic characterisation of potential spin transition complexes and she is really excited to continue pursuing her interest in crystallography during her D.Phil. In her spare time, Aisling loves reading and travelling to new places.

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Clara von Randow

Magdalen College

Clara grew up near Bonn, Germany, and completed her Bachelor and Masters of Science in Chemistry at the Freie Universität Berlin. Her research interests lie in the field of synthetic inorganic chemistry as she is fascinated by examining the synthesis of novel compounds whilst pushing the boundaries of known reactivities. In her spare time she has been greatly engaged in the student science learning lab at the Chemistry department as well as enjoying participating in various choirs.

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Lewis Wales

The Queen's College

Lewis graduated with an MChem from Oxford in 2019 and his final year project was focused on making new NHC-stabilsed fluoroboranes for use in PET imaging. On top of imaging, his academic interests are fairly broad and include main group and transition metal chemistry. Outside of the lab Lewis enjoys running, cycling and attempting to play golf, as well as watching whatever sport he can.

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Jamie Wilmore

Trinity College

Originally from Durham, Jamie recently completed his MChem at the University of Oxford. His Part II project, with Dr Zoë Turner, focused on the development of non-toxic heavy metal catalysts for the production of biodegradable polymers. His research interests focus on finding new and sustainable methods for manufacturing materials and, to this end, he completed a research project with Prof. Charlotte Williams in Summer 2018 researching catalysts for the ring-opening polymerisation of epoxides with carbon dioxide. Outside of the lab, Jamie enjoys reading, running and baking.

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Eric Yang

Exeter College

Eric is a Chinese American who completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Cambridge, completing his MSci under the supervision of Prof. Dominic Wright studying main group bridged polypyridyl ligands. His academic interests are in main group chemistry, and in his spare time he enjoys coffee, music, and audio engineering.

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Holly Yeo

Magdalen College

Holly is from Cornwall, and started her undergraduate Chemistry degree at the University of Bristol in 2015. In 2019, she completed her MSci final year project under the supervision of Prof. Paul Pringle, investigating the synthesis and dynamic bonding behaviour of diphosphanes, with regards to their potential use in functional polymers and composites. Broadly, her research interests are catalysis and polymers. In her spare time, Holly enjoys hiking, travelling and live music.