Research projects

OxICFM students undertake a 42-month substantive research project in their chosen area of expertise (molecular, nano-scale or extended solids). Projects available for the 2021 cohort are listed below, along with a brief summary of the project, some relevant background reading, and the contact details of the principal investigator. CDT applicants are encouraged to read through the available projects and list their three preferred projects in order of preference in their application form. Further details on the research projects are available through direct contact with the supervisors or on application.

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The strong focus on exploring inorganic chemistry across multiple length-scales is one of the best assets of the CDT. This revealed new fields that I had not encountered before, widening my knowledge of the potential applications of my work. This in turn leads to greater opportunities to collaborate with other groups or departments, making for a truly multidisciplinary project.
Jack Howley (2019 cohort)

List of Research Projects Available for 2021 Entry