CDT Students

The OxICFM CDT has so far admitted 46 students to the programme. Our first cohort of 13 students started their DPhil studies in September 2019, followed by 12 students in 2020, and a third cohort of 10 students in 2021. A fourth cohort will start their DPhil studies in October.

Find out more about them, their interests and research projects on the links below.

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The cohort environment is really valuable, and it allows you to be engaged with other students research from different groups. The taught course developed key skills, such as engaging with literature, writing, and presenting; this significantly increased my confidence when starting my research project.
Holly Yeo (2019 cohort)
Knowing a range of chemists across different research groups through the CDT cohort has been very helpful to my research, giving me access to knowledge and equipment that would otherwise be harder to access.
Liam Griffin (2020 cohort)
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