2021 Cohort

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Kelly Britton

The Queen's College

Kelly completed her undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences: Chemistry, part-time with the Open University, whilst raising her son and working as a chemistry technician. In her final year, she undertook a research internship role at Johnson Matthey, working on a synthetic inorganic chemistry project in the Emissions Control Process Team. Her research interests are in synthetic chemistry, stimuli-responsive supramolecular systems, and the chemistry of biological processes. In her spare time, Kelly enjoys skateboarding, horse-riding, surfing, and socialising.

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Katharina Eisenhardt

Christ Church

Originally from Germany, Katharina completed her undergraduate degree in Chemistry at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Her honours project was focused on tri-metallic catalysts for the electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction. Her academic interest is centred around atomic level understanding of catalysts and their application in CO2 utilisation. Outside of chemistry, Katharina enjoys dancing, cooking, hiking and cycling.

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Ceri Foster

Brasenose College

Ceri is from the Suffolk/Cambridgeshire border and recently graduated from the University of Durham with an MChem with Industrial Experience. She completed her final year at Lubrizol in Derbyshire, developing additives for engine oils. In the summer of 2019, she spent 10 weeks at the University of Fribourg studying enzyme trapping. In the lab, her interests span across organic and inorganic chemistry, focusing on transition metal complexes and their many applications. Outside of the lab, she spends her time watching tennis and athletics and volunteering as a Brownie leader.

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Quentin Gueroult

Balliol College

Quentin is the recipient of a University of Oxford’s Clarendon Scholarship. He is a Frenchman from London, and his master's project investigated the flexibility and the mechanical properties of zeolites. He is looking forward to studying layered dicyanometallates under the supervision of Professors Goodwin and Deringer. In his spare time, Quentin enjoys playing cards, real tennis and watching olympic greco-roman wrestling. He also enjoys cooking with a fair amount of butter and eating delicious food.

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Alex Mapp

University College

Alex is the recipient of an Oxford-Radcliffe OxICFM CDT Scholarship. He completed his Masters at the University of Manchester, under the supervision of Dr Darren Willcox, synthesising first row transition metal complexes bearing Z-type ligands. His research interests include the synthesis of novel compounds, catalysis, and small molecule activation. In his spare time he enjoys walking, watching football and live music.

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Ellen Parkes

Trinity College

Ellen completed her MSci at UCL in 2021, working under the supervision of Dr Adam Clancy, Prof Paul McMillan and Prof Furio Corà. Her final year project focused on combining density functional theory predictions with experimental trials to develop a novel surface functionalisation approach for layered carbon nitrides. She is interested in research surrounding stimuli-responsive nanomaterials and their incorporation into sustainable technologies. Lockdown has brought out her inner gardener, but beyond this she adores live jazz and good ol’ boogie!

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Amy Radford

Brasenose College

Amy completed their MSci in Chemistry at the University of Nottingham. Their research interests are centred around sustainability and photochemistry; they got to explore these interests during their masters project where they designed solar-catalytic nanoreactors for CO2 reforming. In their spare time, they enjoy climbing and eating good food.

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Madeleine Smith

Christ Church

Madeleine completed her MChem at St Anne’s College, University of Oxford. Her Part II project investigated Ni/Alumina based catalysts for the conversion of carbon dioxide to methane for use in the power-to-gas process. She also completed a summer project looking at stacking faults in mixed gold and silver potassium dicyanometallates, and she is particularly interested in inorganic catalysis and materials. Finding new ways in which inorganic chemistry can help to combat climate change and to make our lifestyles more sustainable is her personal motivation for wanting to continue in research. Away from chemistry she competes in the triple jump for the university athletics blues team. She also enjoys hiking, reading and ice skating.

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Job Struijs

The Queen's College

Job completed both his bachelor's and master's degree at the Eindhoven university of technology, being interested in both chemistry and chemical engineering. He performed his bachelor thesis research in the group of Prof. Timothy Noël on the synthesis of trifluoromethoxy functionalized pyridine and benzene derivatives by the use of continuous flow micro reactors. His master thesis research was performed in Prof. Emiel Hensen’s group, supervised by Prof. Nikolay Kosinov, and concerned low-concentration and low-temperature CO2 hydrogenation on reducible oxide supports. Besides chemistry, he enjoys meeting friends, playing the saxophone, mountain biking and playing tennis or squash.

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Alison Tam

University College

Alison completed her BSc in Biochemistry at Imperial College London, graduating class of 2021. She is interested in sustainable chemistry, and undertook a year’s placement at GlaxoSmithKline, studying the application of aldolases for industrial biocatalysis. Her final year project also entailed structural and functional enzymology of glycosyltransferases, under supervision of Professor Erhard Hohenester. Outside of science, Alison enjoys baking, reading, and crocheting ugly trinkets for her friends.