2022 Cohort

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Bodoo Batnaran

Brasenose College

Bodoo is from Mongolia and came to the UK in 2018 to study Chemistry at UCL. He became increasingly interested in materials chemistry while learning about transparent conducting oxides and completing his literature project on carbon nitrides for photovoltaics. Bodoo undertook a summer project to computationally identify a new solar absorber, after which he chose to do his MSci project on the computational study of defects in energy materials. After completing a fully computational project, he wanted to broaden his horizons with experimental work, thus choosing his current project. His leisure activities include playing the guitar, harmonica, basketball, cooking, and video games.

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Edward Champness

Oriel College

Edward is the recipient of the Alec Bond Graduate Scholarship in Chemistry. He is from Long Eaton in Derbyshire. He completed his MSci at the University of Bristol in 2022 where he spent his final year in the Clayden group developing urea-assisted alpha-arylations of amino acid derivatives. Prior to this he undertook a summer placement with the Barendt group at the University of Birmingham working towards the synthesis of a pH-dependent [3]-rotaxane shuttle with interesting optical properties. More generally he has an interest in most kinds of supramolecular chemistry, particularly those which illuminate understanding of fundamental physical and chemical phenomena. He is a practising Catholic, collects sports cards and supports the Toronto Maple Leafs unfailingly even after they lose in the first round of the playoffs each year.

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Kitty Clarke

University College

Kitty is the recipient of an Oxford-Radcliffe OxICFM CDT Scholarship. Originally from North London, Kitty completed her MSci at the University of Bristol, doing her research project in Professor Robin Bedford’s group. The work looked into C-H bond selectivity in specific nitrogen heterocycles using palladium catalysts, and further developed research interests in transition metal catalysis and synthesis. Outside of chemistry Kitty enjoys reading, cooking and wild swimming.

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Lemuel Crentsil

Christ Church

Lemuel completed his MChem at Christ Church, University of Oxford. His Part II project investigated the chemistry of layered oxide chalcogenides. He looks forward to continuing this theme with the aim of further understanding the structure-property relationships in these compounds under the supervision of Professors Simon Clarke and Andrew Boothroyd. Outside of chemistry, Lemuel is a sprinter in the university athletics blues team and enjoys watching and playing as much sport as possible. He also enjoys cooking and making music.

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Anna Duncan

University College

Anna has just completed her MChem at Lincoln College, University of Oxford. Her Part II project investigated the design of anion-responsive biocompatible nanoparticle systems for use as MRI contrast agents, produced via the synthetic modification of liposomal membranes. Her Master’s thesis research was performed under the supervision of Prof. Jason Davis in collaboration with the Langton group. Outside of the lab, she competes in Ballroom and Latin American dancing, representing Oxford’s Dancesport Club on the national university circuit.

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Bonny Gao

The Queen's College

Bonny is from Oxfordshire and has just completed an MChem degree from the University of St Andrews. Her final year project was on developing manganese catalysed dehydrogenative coupling reactions for the synthesis of polyurea, this was under the supervision of Dr Amit Kumar. During her degree, she also did an industrial placement year at Johnson Matthey in Cambridge where she tested homogeneous catalysts for ester hydrogenation. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, knitting or crocheting, and going on walks.

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Elin Grählert

Brasenose College

Originally from Dresden, Germany, Elin completed her MChem degree at the University of Edinburgh in 2022. During the summers of 2018 to 2020, she explored the synthesis and properties of intermetallic compounds at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids and worked on the classification of crystallography datasets at Diamond Light Source. However, after having discovered her great interest in supramolecular chemistry, she decided to conduct her final year project in the group of Prof. Helma Wennemers at ETH Zürich to study guest encapsulation in a triaxial supramolecular weave. In her free time, Elin enjoys baking, dancing and hiking.

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Aidan Murray

Christ Church

Aidan is from Surrey, and graduated with an MChem from Oxford in 2022, with his final year project focussing the reactivity of an electron-rich stannylene with unsaturated organic molecules. His research interests are within the chemistry of the main group elements. Outside the lab, he enjoys squash, long walks, chess, and watching cricket.

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Euan Sarson

Trinity College

Euan is an Anglo-Irishman from Reading. He studied for his MChem at Durham University, with the research for his master’s thesis on MOFs as artificial peptidases and phosphatases conducted at KU Leuven under the supervision of Professor Tatjana Parac-Vogt. He discovered his passion for research during a summer placement at the University of Reading supervised by Professor František Hartl, where he investigated the electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide by group 6 metal complexes. He is especially interested in chemistry with applications in healthcare and in combating climate change. Outside the lab, he enjoys keeping up-to-date with politics, cooking for friends, and grooving to groovy tunes.

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Baliana Shani

Trinity College

Baliana obtained her B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Sustainable Chemistry and Technologies at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice and graduated with distinction in March 2022. During her studies, she developed an interest in catalysis, materials, and semiconductor physics. Driven by 21st-century environmental issues, she is keen to understand how to use and recycle renewable resources to make useful products. Outside the lab Baliana enjoys dancing, travelling and learning new languages.

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Georgia Stonadge

Exeter College

Georgia completed her MChem from the University of Oxford in 2022. Her final year project was carried out in the group of Prof. Kylie Vincent, investigating a biocatalytic method for the hydrogen-driven synthesis of amines. She is interested in catalysis and its applications in sustainable chemistry. Outside the lab she enjoys cooking and rowing.